Fishing Birthday Cake

Recently, my boss Tibor asked me to bake a cake for his son’s 30th birthday party. His hobby is fishing, so we thought that the cake should be a fishing theme as well. This entire cake is edible, even the salmon and the fish hooks 😉

Salmon cake

The cake base was vanilla with a custard filling and covered in a thin layer of buttercream icing.
I covered it in a layer of fondant that was just a bit thicker than what I would usually apply, since it was to be embossed to look like a slab of wood.
I started by measuring the lines evenly and then using my set of gum paste tools and a ruler to make the deep lines, and holes that look like nails. Also, I scraped the lines onto the fondant so it would look similar to wood grain. I watered down some brown food colouring and painted it onto the cake. In the crevices, I applied a less watered down brown so it appeared darker.

The week prior to preparing the cake, I worked on making the fishy embellishments (lures, bobbers, hooks). I allowed them to air dry until hardened and then painted them with food colouring, edible markers and silver shimmer dust.

As for the fish, this took about an hour or two to shape and paint. It’s completely made out of fondant instead of gum paste or modeling clay, because I find that easiest. I kept it stored in an airtight container so it would stay soft.

The night that I was supposed to be making this, my husband broke his ankle and was rushed to emergency. Around 11pm I left him there to rest and came home to finish the cake just before 3am. Yes I was exhausted the next morning from lack of sleep and stress over my hubby’s well-being. But I didn’t want to flake out and cancel the order last minute, so I stayed up late, cranked the music and got in a zone. I wasn’t able to attend the birthday party the next day but from what I hear, the cake was enjoyed amongst the guests and the birthday boy himself. 🙂
As for my husband, I’m happy to say he’s healing quickly!




3 Comments to “Fishing Birthday Cake”

  1. Seriously awesome! I will be attempting to make this cake for a co-worker who also happens to be named Pat. I hope it turns out as good as yours.

  2. how do i order this cake ?

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