Going Tropical

One of my girlfriends recently became married in Mexico and her wedding colours included the most gorgeous tones of fuchsia pink and neon orange. Let me tell you, I was drooling over how great her wedding photo’s turned out. Sadly I wasn’t able to make it out to attend this special wedding because I had visited a few months prior, but I was inspired to make a cake using their wedding colour scheme.

Here’s a mini collage of her tropical wedding, and the tasty looking cupcakes that inspired me to bake with pink & orange.

And this little darling is their daughter, wearing the cutest pink dress I’ve ever seen. How cute or those cheeks!

And this is the cake made this past week…

One more pic of the gorgeous couple having a stroll on the beach…so lucky that they get to live in paradise! 

Congratulations Kaila & Sergio on your beautiful wedding! Love you tons!

p.s. if you’re wondering who the talented photographer was…here’s his website. Don Young Photography.com and here’s the wedding slideshow he prepared for the happy couple.



4 Comments to “Going Tropical”

  1. Wow! So vibrant and beautifyul. Pink and Orange is a color combo that I love love love. That cake is pretty amazing!


  2. Gorgeous!!! U made that cake?……..wow!! Amazingly beautiful Crystal!!!


  3. CRYSTAL!!! That cake is exactly what I would order if I was getting married in the caribean or somewhere else hot and sunny! Love it!
    ❤ Amanda K

  4. I agree with your previous post, it’s nice to see some spring/summer colours. I’ve seen photo’s from that photographer before, he’s super talented!

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