Fun with Black and White

I wanted to share this photo of a recent wedding cake I made. Black and White is so timeless and classy. I wanted to practice my piping skills and draw either a crown/tiara or a chandelier for the middle tier. You need to understand though, practicing piping on a surface and piping it on a cake are SO different and it’s nerve-wracking using black icing because if I mess up, it can be difficult to fix.

I’m surprised how many people are opting for black and white cakes, black bridesmaid dresses, and black and white decor right now. You would think that with Spring here, we would be seeing more pastel colours… Oh but wait, it’s still randomly snowing in my town, so maybe we have a few more weeks until Spring fever hits!  

My favourite part, the faux diamond buttons. 🙂   It’s a simple cake, but I smile when I see it!

Oh by the way, Happy Easter!



5 Comments to “Fun with Black and White”

  1. Wow, this cake is stunning! You may think it’s simple but in my opinion it’s really classy and that candelabra looks like it took you a long time to pipe on that cake

  2. I would love to see a tutorial on how you made that chandelier. Also, what kind of colouring did you use to get the icing so black? The darkest I can get my icing is grey… or else it waters down a ton and bleeds into the cake.

  3. Love the bling! Every cake should have a bit of jewels on them

  4. Seriously Crystal? A jaw dropping WOW!! This is gorgeous!!! You did an amazing job on this!! How long did it take you to finish? Yeah, I totally agree with you on practice pipping on a flat surface and to do it on the cake is noooooo easy task! My whole hand starts to shake…!! Wish I can see in detail how you did the chandelier!!! It’s beautiful!!!!


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