Car Cupakes

Happy Birthday to the adorable little boy who received these car cupcakes at his party today! 

Although I made all the toppers myself, I can’t take complete credit for the tires. I found inspiration online from some amazing cupcake designers and then put my own personal touch to them. Actually, I made them 4 times, and experimented using: chocolate fudge cookies, rice crispies, Christie’s Dream Puff cookies, and finally I tried chocolate covered mini donuts. I had fun experimenting and my favourite flavour was the rice crispie squares, but the ones I ended up using were chocolate donuts because they were smaller and already rounded.

 1 dozen Hostess Style cupcakes with fondant race cars and chocolate dipped (fondant covered) GoodYear Tires. I’ll show a tutorial on how to make these in a few weeks.

1 dozen chocolate cupcakes & 2 dozen vanilla cupcakes, varied with chocolate and vanilla buttercream.

A few toy race cars for the little guys…it’s always fun to get a toy with your treat. That’s why kids love those Kinder Surprise Eggs, right? Then there’s a half dozen stop signs made from dark chocolate candy melts and Smarties.

And of course, a mini BIRTHDAY banner!  HAPPY BIRTHDAY DAYTON!



One Comment to “Car Cupakes”

  1. Crystal, these are spectacular!! How fun!! You used up a lot of yummy stuff to create these cute fun things!!
    Way to go!!


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